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4 - 5 Years Old

Children Beginners Fencing Courses / 4 -5 years old

Fulham - Sands End Arts & Community Centre, South Park, Peterborough Rd, London SW6 3EZ

WHY FENCING? Fencing has been described as a physical game of chess. Not only is fencing great physical exercise that improves reflexes,reactions, strength and all round fitness, but it also gives participants a cognitive work out improving concentration, complex decision making, fast thinking, problem analysis, an adaptable approach, the use of strategy.

We offer high-quality fencing session for children aged 4-16 yers old.

Book a place today before our places are filled.

SPECIAL OFFER! Only £65 ( old price £80 )  book now fulham

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fencing beginners classes caterham 2


fencing beginners classes caterham