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Sunday 20th October 2013

We had a great day in Medway Park, Gillingham yesterday with flashing blades, hits... and misses!

Yosif ran competitions for U11, U13 and 13+ fencers, gathered from all the Dream Fencing clubs.

For many it was their first competition so was a learning experience for competitors and parents alike.

The final of the U11 competition was a nail biting fight between twin brothers. It could have gone either way, but on this occasion the result was 1st Muhammed Farnsworth /Dream Fencing Fulham/, 2nd Ibraheem Farnsworth /Dream Fencing Fulham/ and 3rd Toby Burton /Dream Fencing Caterham/ and Witold Pawelec /Dream Fencing Caterham/.

The U13 competition was won by Benjamin Chambers after a great fight with Tierney Sharp who was second and Daniel Crockford third. All from Dream Fencing Medway.

The women 13+, result was 1st Nicola Hull /Dream Fencing Medway/, 2nd Chloe Shaw /Dream Fencing Medway/ 3rd Patricia Kiy /Dream Fencing Caterham/ and Aiden Sharp /Dream Fencing Medway/.

... and the men’s 13+, 1st Todor Serkedzhiev /Dream Fencing Fulham/, 2nd Eddie Martin /Dream Fencing Caterham/ and 3rd Ying-Lun Chiu /Dream Fencing Fulham/ and Dian Dimitrov /Dream Fencing Fulham/.

Many congratulations to those who came away with medals, but also to everyone who took part. It is hoped you all took away an experience to build on, after all Dream Fencing, We Build Champions!

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