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Sunday 19th January 2014

Last weekend three fencers from Dream Fencing Club SE region fencingentered the South East Region Senior and Intermediate Epee Championships hosted by Kent Fencing, at Kent University Canterbury.

This was a well organised and friendly competition, Nicola, Patricia and Aiden took part and where happy to find themselves fighting in different poules.

Nicola topped her poule with 3 wins but was kicking herself for her one loss.

Patricia had a stunning run to win her poule with 4 victories.

Aiden also fought well and was well placed in her poule.

At the end of the first stage Patricia was seeded 1, Nicola 2 and Aiden 6.

In the semi-final of the Direct Elimination Patricia came up against Jane Clayton, a good and experienced fencer. Jane built a considerable lead before the final break. During the rest Yosif gave Trish some instruction on her attack and encouraged her to change her approach. When the fight resumed Trish won 4 hits on the trot. Unfortunately it was too late for a win but the experience gave Patricia a boost in her confidence for future fights. The final score was 13 hits to 8.

Then we had an all Dream Fencing semi-final with Nicola and Aiden crossing swords for a place in the final. Aiden fought well, but experience came through and Nicola eased to a win.

Nicola faced Jane Clayton in the final, friends who have met a good number of times before. As always it was a good, entertaining fight with Nicola coming out on top this time with a 15 hit to 11 win.

So a South East Championships 2014 tournament cup to Nicola Hull, a tournament 3rd place, and Gold medal for top intermediate to Aiden Sharp and a silver intermediate medal to Patricia Kiy.

All in all, not a bad day for Dream Fencing Club!