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Sunday 30th March 2014

Kent Fencing Epee 2014

It was an early start for the Dream Fencing girls taking part in the Kent Fencing Epee Competition on Sunday.Kerrie Johnson was home from college so it was nice to see her fighting for Dream again.

Kerrie started well in the poule including defeating our friend from Kent, Jane Clayton 5 – 3. However Kerrie lost to Abby Brown 5 – 3 a fencer whom Jane had beaten. At the end of the poule Jane and Kerrie had both lost one match each but as Jane had a better indicator she was ranked first and Kerrie second.

Kerrie and Jane fought well and met in the final. It was a good final as the fencers were very evenly matched. Going into the last 3 minutes the score was 6 all and at the end of the 3rd period the score was still even with 8 hits each. Kerrie was awarded priority and the fight continued. With 30 seconds left, Jane penetrated Kerrie’s defence and got the winning hit!

Yet again a lovely, friendly competition organised by Kent Fencing, with Dream Fencing coming away with a well-deserved silver medal for Kerrie Johnson.